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Mental Conditioning Training

We focus on developing players by offering training incentives to help each player be the best player they can be on and off the court. We accomplish this by associating physical skill with mental toughness.


Learning and developing basic fundamentals will filter into the competitive league and provide opportunities for personal growth and development. BOUNCE reinforces self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the court. This gives the athletes the edge for ultimate level of performance.


Training Includes: Ball handling, shooting drills, offense & defense strategies, with fitness & conditioning.


Responsibility for Mental Toughness: As youth begin the transition from childhood to adulthood; they face a multitude of changes, one of which is taking responsibility for the many aspects of their lives.  BOUNCE defines it and gives them a solid foundation on which to form their individual attitudes for action.


       Most often, young people associate the concept of responsibility with blame (‘Who’s responsible for this”) or duty (“It your responsibility to…”).  Responsibility can be a confusing concept for young people,


As athletes work through the activities in this program, they will learn how responsibility can be both an individual and a group concern.


     The activities will help athletes develop a more positive and proactive sense of responsibility, one that rests on the recognition of their roles in a given situation, respect for the rules that apply to the situation, and a commitment to their own sets of values.



  • Measure athletes understanding of responsibility before and after they complete the activities.
  • Encourage participants to reflect upon the factors that influence their decisions and to apply learned decision-making skills to specific situation.
  • Help athletes create a “guide” that will help them make the right decisions at the appropriate time.

The goal is to help athletes develop mental toughness and be aware of who they are and what they believe in, and be better informed about their responsibilities to themselves and to others on and off the court.




Bounce guides its player towards learning realistic and responsible behaviors that will help them develop a successful identity.  “Recognize your weakness and decide to make a change, and don’t allow your past shortcoming to hold you back.”

By Anthony Blakley







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