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 Prosperity Begins with an attitude

It is important to encourage positive thinking for young adults, because the core personality and habits of an individual is developed at childhood. So it is important that good habits and behaviors are encouraged before their shaped by our social environment.

— Lorraine & Kelvin

     “Sheer runaway brilliance at its best! Basketball taught from a mentality standpoint as well as the most ingenious approach to the X’s and O’s!

    Anthony’s natural ability to motivate along with a plethora of basketball knowledge and know how, puts him on a different level of teaching and coaching.


    His unique touch allowed our daughter to turn the proverbial corner when it came to her conditioning and overall basketball knowledge and skills. Armed with an upbeat spirit and youth friendly personality, Anthony is able to keep his students attentive long enough to learn.


    Anthony lives by the mantra that basketball is ninety percent mentality and uses the idea as the core of his training. He brings a player out of the dark and into realistic light of where they stand as a true competitor of the game of basketball.,


    Anthony literally changed our daughter’s basketball career. To say “Thanks” is simply not enough.”


— Sincerely, Mr. Wayne Johnson


    My sons participates in the BOUNCE Program and are coached by Mr. Anthony Blakley. He is a wonderful gentlemen and has done an outstanding job of teaching both of my sons respect, teamwork, and most of all how to play and win at basketball.

    They liked the game before but now with the skills advantages he has taught and given them, they love the game. They continue to surprise me with the way they mimic the NBA player with their every move. Thanks you for your time and efforts we will never forget you sir.

    Lastly, with you as their coach I know they will be wonderful gentlemen and have great futures ahead of them. They are Blessed to have your guidance and education. Thank you Mr. Blakley and may God continue to bless you.”



    Thank you so much for all you have done for Tyler. He is a much better basketball player but more importantly, a much better young man because of your coaching and positive influence, you have been able to inspire and connect with him in ways no one has before.


    Nathan and I are grateful to you for your commitment to the young men you coach. If you were paid for the quality and worth for what you do you would be a millionaire.”

— Laura

— Sincerely, Derek & Gladys Dillard

     “As a Dad looking for a basketball skill development program for my teen daughters. I fell upon Coach Blakley by chance, or perhaps I should say, as a blessing. The transformation my two teen daughters were to experience over the months to follow would carryover in their lives, beyond basketball.


    with encouragement, patience, expectations, high standards and skill development, coach elevated my daughter’s basketball skills and reinforced their character. He emphasized the important (and expectation) of discipline, time and proper effort for success in their academics, as well as anything else they desired to be successful in.


    Each has gone on to excel as athlete and students. Coach Anthony Blakley, the man, the morals, and his mission has blessed my children as well as our entire family.”





Bounce guides its player towards learning realistic and responsible behaviors that will help them develop a successful identity.  “Recognize your weakness and decide to make a change, and don’t allow your past shortcoming to hold you back.”

By Anthony Blakley







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